CT or CAT Scan Results

Images from the CT exam are reviewed and interpreted by a MedCross radiologist, who will dictate a report, which is transcribed and sent to the healthcare provider who ordered the exam. Patients should contact their healthcare provider for the results of their CT exam.


Abdominal CT or CAT Scan


Because CT imaging is a non-invasive procedure that shows detailed, cross-sectional views of all types of tissue, it is becoming the preferred method for visualizing and diagnosing diseases of the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, bowel and colon.


Abdominal CT scans are also used to visualize needle placement during biopsies of abdominal organs and tumors or during fluid aspiration from the abdomen.  CT is used to monitor tumors and other conditions of the abdomen before and after treatment, and to detect, diagnose and treat vascular disorders that may lead to stroke, gangrene or kidney failure.  The CT’s acute detail and accuracy may eliminate the need for invasive exploratory surgery and surgical biopsy. Please note, CT accuracy may be compromised due to metallic objects in the abdomen, such as surgical clips, barium in the intestines from a recent barium study; and stool and/or gas in the bowel. Please advise the CT technologist if you have clips or have had a recent barium study.