Medical Records

The File Room provides patients and clinicians CDs of exams performed at MedCross Imaging, LLC. Most exams are stored in a digital format, and no longer automatically printed to film.

CDThese discs can contain one or many exams, and include an autoloading program that will work on Windows based PCs that run Windows and Internet Explorer. They are DICOM compliant, and can be taken to other healthcare facilities that utilize digital imaging to be compared.


How to use the CD viewing software


If you are having trouble viewing the images on the CD, be sure you are running a PC with Windows and with Internet Explorer. After the CD Loads on to your computer be sure you are clicking the button on your screen labeled “View Images”. This will load the actual viewing software called NOVARD PACS System. It contains a series of tools that will allow you to view each exam, its series and the images that belong to the series (MRI and CT studies have lots of images, whereas a simple chest x-ray may only have two). If you have any questions, please call (770) 476-3939.


Apple Macintosh Users


CDs of exams are a great way for patients to view their exams on their home PC, and are formatted in such a way that other healthcare facilities can view the images easily. Unfortunately, the viewing program that automatically loads once the CD is inserted is not compatible with Apple Macintosh computers. There is a shareware program called Osirix that Mac users can download at no cost that will allow them to view the images. Click here to visit the site and download the latest software.


For Mac OS X Tiger version 10.4.1, an older version of Osirix is needed.  Currently, it can be downloaded here at  Select the download file Osirix 2.7.5, dated 2007-04-11  If the link changes, you can download the approximately 35 MB zip file here.


Opening a Study


The Study Brower is used to find and open studies; it can be displayed by hitting the space bar.

The studies matching the specified filters are displayed in the large list box. If you cannot find a study you are looking for using a patient name filter. Make sure the Time Frame filter isn’t limiting the results too narrowly. All studies for the patient selected in the Filtered Studies list box are displayed below in the Patient History list box. The Open buttons above the list boxes are used to open images.

Open + Old can be used to open the selected study and also a prior related study if available.


How to view your images for different views and slices?


Selecting Images – Most tools only work with selected images. Single-click an image to select only that image. Hold the Control key and single – click to select multiple images. To select a range of images click the first image, then hold down the Shift key and click the last image.


Rapid Scroll – Press and hold the left mouse button down and drag the mouse up and down to quickly scroll through the images in a series.


Window/Level – Hold the right mouse button down and drag up/down to the change the level of brightness and left/right to change the window contrast. Hitting F12 performs an auto window/level.


Magnification – Press and hold both the left and right mouse buttons and drag the mouse up to zoom in or down to zoom out. When zoomed in, press and hold the middle mouse button/wheel and drag the mouse to pan around the image.


Switching Series – Use the mouse wheel to scroll through the series within a study.


Keyboard Navigation– The left and right arrow keys scroll through images in a series. The up and down arrow keys switch to other series in the study.